Robert Bly has contributed much to poetry in the twenty-five years he has been writing, translating, and editing. Besides his own prodigious and provocative outpourings of poetry and prose, his work has generated a barrage of commentary by others. In light of this, it is surprising to note that this is the first collective critical work on Bly. What we ave attempted to do is to present a forum of discussion that is not necessarily one of homage, however much we personally admire Bly, but one that is dedicated to a realistic evaluation of what he has aspired to and of what he has accomplished. Robert Bly has said, “The criticism of my own poetry that has been the most use to me has been criticism that, when I first heard it, utterly dismayed me.” Let us hope, then, that there is something here that dismays Robert.

— Richard Jones & Kate Daniels

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