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East of Eden PosterPoetry East is known for its many special issues, art features, recorded poetry, volume sets, and hard cover books.  All special editions can be ordered by completing and mailing a personal check and order form. View  special editions below or see Poetry East’s back issues.

Snapshots: Poets on Photos from the Past
East of Eden
20th Anniversary Boxed Set
Thunder on the Mountain

Snapshots: Poets on Photos from the Past

Poetry East #61 Snapshots: Poets on Photos from the Past is a special collection of poems and essays inspired by family photos. Snapshots features work from Claudia Emerson, Maggie Anderson, Arthur Sze, and many others.

PRICE: $10 each


Poetry East #60 Bliss is an inspiring collection of poems about bliss, happiness, delight, glee, and joy. This limited edition reprint includes artwork from David Arms and poems from John M. Solensten, Susan Wicks, Vivian Teter, Luisa A. Igloria, Jonathan Blake, Sally Fisher, Stephen Perry, and many others.

PRICE: $10 each


Poetry East #43 Origins, #55 Origins, and #79 Origins are remarkable collections of essays by poets writing on their composition process. While the essays pertain to one specific poem by the author, they inevitably reveal the inner-workings of the poets themselves. The essays reveal both the individual and the universal elements of every poet’s writing process.

Origins features essays and poems by such diverse voices as Julia Alvarez, Robert Bly, Hayden Carruth, Billy Collins, Tess Gallagher, Robert Hass, Bob Hicock, Gary Metras, Jack Myers, Naomi Shihab Nye, Sharon Olds, Mary Oliver, Adrienne Rich, Gerald Stern, Ruth Stone, Eleanor Wilner, and many others.

Many educators have found Origins to be a unique and valuable resource for the classroom, but its insightful and inspiring essays are a delight for readers and writers of all kinds.  *Origins #43 is currently out of stock*

PRICE: $10 each

East of Eden

East of Eden is a special CD series with remastered audio tracks from Poetry East. Featuring spoken poetry and accompanying text, this multi-volume collection seeks to unite the beauty of the written word and the power of the human voice.

PRICE: $30 for the set. $10 each

Volume I: Blue Moves by Sam Hamill

Blue Moves is Volume I in the East of Eden series. Recorded in First Baptist Church in Port Townsend, Washington, Sam Hamill and jazz musicians Paul Herder and Michael Phillips record a soulful collection of poems where the music becomes the lifeblood of the poems in performance.

Volume II: Pretend by Jack Grapes

Pretend is Volume II in the East of Eden series and features 31 poems and accompanying text from Jack Grapes. Renowned for his rare combination of erudition, accessibility, and humanity, Jack Grapes is perhaps the only poet in America to earn his living teaching privately to students in his home.

Volume III: Poets Walking Iris by Shelly Wagner

Poet’s Walking Iris is Volume III in the East of Eden series. This collection includes 20 recorded poems written in the years following the death of the poet’s son and presented on audio CD for the first time. Poet’s Walking Iris also includes a booklet with original paintings by Shelly Wagner.

Volume IV: The Mirror Flashes in the Waves Cup by James Armstrong

The Mirror Flashes in the Waves Cup is Volume IV in the East of Eden series. This collection includes 35 recorded poems and accompanying text from James Armstrong. The author of Monument in a Summer Hat from New Issues Press, James Armstrong studied anthropology, worked as a cigar salesman, and wrote for newspapers before turning to poetry.

20th Anniversary Boxed Set

To celebrate its 20th Anniversary, Poetry East published three anthologies of poetry, essays, and translations. These volumes—gathered in a limited edition, clothbound boxed set—demonstrate the journal’s abiding commitment to an art that is immediate, accessible, and universal.

PRICE: $30 for the boxed set. $10 each

The Last Believer in Words (Translations, 1998)
They Say This (Essays, 1999)
Who Are The Rich And Where Do They Live (Poetry, 2000)

“This is a magical anthology of the best of Poetry East.”
Bloomsbury Review

“This book forces the reader to recognize poetry is as close to prayer as the written word can get.”
Home News Tribune

“(An) unmitigated joy in this moment trembling fearfully on the threshold of the year 2000.”
Great River Review

Thunder on the Mountain (2011)

Thunder on the Mountain is the editor’s reflections on the art that has accompanied the poetry over the last three decades of Poetry East.

PRICE: $15 each